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26th-Dec-2016 05:30 pm - A Little Yule Mathom!
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(Cross-posted from hobbit_holidays)

Every year I try to come up with a new song from the Shire for Yule. This year's offering turned into something a little different!

A New Year's Game of the Shire
This is a game played on the first day of the New Year, which by the Shire Reckoning is called Second Yule. It's a popular feature at most New Year celebrations, and often even the adults will join in before the song ends.

The game is started by some of the children beginning to sing:

Now the year is spent,
We don't know where it went!

(A few children begin the game, holding hands and skipping forward in time to the song.)

Don't look for it behind;
A new one we must find!
Take my hand and help us look!

(At this they break apart and grab other children into the line, and then begin to skip once more. This is repeated after each chorus, so that the line gets longer and longer. The children may weave throughout the hole, and even go outdoors.)

It won't be in the larder,
It won't be under the bed.
Look for it a little harder--
No, it's not in the shed.

Don't look for it behind;
A new one we must find!
Take my hand and help us look!

(Repeat the actions of the chorus)

It isn't in the garden,
It's not up in a tree.
Oh, I beg your pardon,
Is it anywhere you can see?

Don't look for it behind;
A new one we must find!
Take my hand and help us look!

(Repeat the actions of the chorus)

Perhaps it's in tomorrow!
Is that what you say?
But the future we can't borrow;
Could it be here today?

Why, it's right here today!
Why, it's right here today!
We found it! We found it! Yay! Yay! Yay!

(The children drop hands and jump up and down at each "Yay!", and then fall to the ground at the end.)

This particular game is not played on any other day of the year, but may be played several times on that day.
13th-Dec-2016 03:19 pm - December 12, 2016
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(Cross-posted from monthlydiaryday)

7:50--Woke up; let the dog out and fed the cat and dog; made breakfast (grits, maple sausage, poached eggs and toast. This past month we are trying a new thing--having our daily devotions after breakfast instead of after supper. So we ate at the dining room table and then had our devotions. Read more...Collapse )
11th-Nov-2016 04:12 pm - Safety Pin
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Thank you to the_mad_hobbit for pointing me in the direction of this idea.

It's a tiny thing, but a good idea.
9th-Nov-2016 02:23 pm - Sad day
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I was literally sick this morning, mainly because I did not sleep a wink last night, not at all.

What happened? It was all so hopeful, and then...I just can't explain how I feel. It's frustrating, but more than that. I feel like once more a dream of things getting better in the world has been totally crushed by a juggernaut. It's disappointing, but that seems like a very lame word. I feel betrayed and let down.

I have to accept the way things are. I have to move on. But I don't think I will have a lick of interest in DT's administration or his speeches or anything at all to do with him. We'll be in for four years of chaos and the Republicans running roughshod over all the progress of the last eight years.

In fact, I will probably just bury my head in the sand. Get on with my own interests, and my personal life, and my fandom. I've always been one to watch the news and stay informed; I don't suppose I can give that up, but no more politics for me. I'll try to vote him out in four years--hopefully by then all the people who think he's so great will realize what a bad mistake they made.
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Watching the local news: in OKC an expectant mother in labor insisted on stopping at the polls to vote on the way to the hospital. She made it just in time, and gave birth to a little girl.
8th-Nov-2016 10:45 am - I Voted
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We just got back from the polls, and I cast my vote for President for that nice little Methodist lady.

For the first time since we moved here there was a significant line to wait in--normally there's no one else or just three or four people. It took us about 45 minutes. We vote at a small Baptist church; the building is an older one and not very accessible--the ramp is at the opposite side of the building! The hallway to enter and exit the actual room with the polls is very narrow, and the entrance and exit are the same door. It's rather claustrophobic! But there was a notice on the door that this is the last time we will be using it to vote--we are to get letters with a new voter ID telling us where to go next time.

We had a number of state bills on the ballot. I voted for some and against others. One would have been an excellent bill if it weren't for one little sentence in it.

I was a little caught off guard with having to affirm or not the state Supreme Court justices--that wasn't publicized at all, but I went ahead and did so.

This afternoon we pick someone else up that needs a ride to the polls, and after that we just have to wait and see what's happened.
7th-Nov-2016 05:12 pm - Voting
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I made this on a whim!

nice hilary

I kind of imagine that if politics had never entered Hilary's life, she'd have been a lawyer who spent her work days doing pro bono work, and on Sundays she'd be active in the local UMC, and she'd probably be on a couple of the boards, and probably teach a Sunday School class. She'd probably bring fried chicken from the deli to the potlucks, because she wouldn't have much time for cooking. And even if she wasn't running for anything herself (and her husband wasn't--though it's harder for me to imagine Bill as non-political) she'd definitely be working hard to get the vote out locally, maybe even a poll worker or something.

So that's why I volunteered to do some calls for the Democratic candidate for County Clerk. And tomorrow I'm supposed to give a lady and her son a ride to the polls so that they can vote. It's not much, but it's a little way of showing my appreciation for all her hard work over the years.
6th-Nov-2016 09:28 pm - I'm all shook up.
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The DH had just come home from work, and we were settled back in our electric recliners to watch tonight's news (recorded on DVR). Suddenly the earth moved and the lights went out and something went CRASH!


The DH told me "Don't move!" which was rather pointless, because with the power out, I couldn't get out of my chair anyway without a light, since with no power I could not put it upright. He fumbled around and found the flashlight he keeps by his chair, and then he could scooch out of it. Sophie was frantic, so the first thing was to put her on her leash. Gradually we both managed to find flashlights and check for damage.

5.0 and Cushing was at the epicenter. We were without power for about an hour? Maybe an hour and a half?

Power and internet just came back on.

Aside from a rather special ceramic unicorn that smashed (the crash we heard), our damage so far seems limited to a few things knocked down or off the shelves.

It hasn't been confirmed, but we went out and talked to some of the neighbors to check on them while the lights were out. One lady heard from her son who had been downtown at the movie theater. Apparently the ceiling or part of the ceiling there collapsed; an apartment building had to be evacuated (don't know why, whether gas leak or structural damage or what) and a store had some of its windows smashed. Luckily no reports of anyone hurt. I suppose we will find out more tomorrow.

Fricking Fracking! I just hope that someone will grow sense enough to SHUT IT DOWN! PERMANENTLY! Of course, a lot of the damage is done already.
1st-Nov-2016 10:38 pm - Our Halloween
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We had a terrific Halloween!

I spent most of the day putting up the finishing touches on my hobbit lass costume. Read more...Collapse )
28th-Oct-2016 08:43 pm - Blast from the past
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Just watched "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!", which sent me looking for this:

Ah, the Sixties!
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