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If you are here, mostly I use this LiveJournal for posting and linking my fanfics, as well as for occasional personal posts and photos. You will find that most of my posts, though, concern the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, and tend to be very hobbit-centric.

You do not need to ask my permission to remix, podfic, translate, create art for or create secondary fanwork of any fanwork I have created. You should credit me and include a link back to my work. And please let me know because I'd love to see it.

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25th-Jan-2015 08:18 pm - A short quiz about hobbits
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Remember this quiz that was going around a few days ago?
I took it the other day, and got 16 out of 20 (two answers I dispute!) and then I noticed something: This test was biased! Questions about every race of beings except for the most important one: Hobbits! Why no hobbit questions?
So, I put my own little hobbit quiz in the comments. Apparently people who are knowledgeable about all those other things don't know much about hobbits, because no one tried to answer them. I am quite sure that my flist is a lot more hobbit savvy! (Actually, I thought this one was fairly easy.)
Here you are:

1. Which hobbit family was rumored to have a “fairy wife” as an ancestress?
A. Brandybucks
B. Bagginses
C. Tooks
D. Gamgees

2. Gandalf first encountered the hobbits of the Shire when?
A. During the Long Winter
B. During the Fell Winter
C. After the Battle of Greenfields
D. When Gerontius became Thain

3. What was Bandobras Took famous for?
A. Inventing the game of golf
B. Killing the chieftain of the goblins
C. Riding a horse
D. All of the above

4. Lalia Clayhanger Took, widow of Thain Fortinbras II, created a scandal by:
A. Leaving her husband
B. Going on an adventure
C. The manner of her death
D. Smoking a pipe
Put your answers in the comments (screened) and I'll reveal the answers in a few days and unscreen the answers!
19th-Jan-2015 09:12 am - This past weekend
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We went into Stillwater on Saturday for some errands and some fun. I had another $10 gift card from those surveys I'm answering for OSU to spend at JoAnn's and the DH picked up some shelves and bins for organizing the garage.

We took along my new Silmarillion audio-books. The DH didn't remember ever reading it (he started it when it first came out in 1977, but soon gave up) and I failed at my last attempt to join in at the silwritersguild's re-read. (I've read it through about 3 or 4 times, but mostly I just cherry-pick the bits I need if I'm writing.)

So we listened, and I found myself having to explain things to the DH ("Iluvatar is God; the Valar are archangels; the Maiar are angels--Gandalf was an angel.") while he occasionally made me giggle with some comments on the names. I wasn't really sure if he was actually listening to the story, when it came to the part when Tulkas appeared on the scene.

"whereas Tulkas laughs ever, in sport or in war, and even in the face of Melkor he laughed in battles before the Elves were born."

The DH said "MICHAEL!"

I was a little startled and gave him a funny look.

He said, "You know, John Travolta, the angel Michael: 'BATTLE!'"

Of course I remembered that scene:

Yes, I certainly do see the resemblance. And I should never ever think my DH is not listening.

Sunday we were very busy at work, and when the DH picked me up, he told me we were going out to dinner with our son and his family. I was very glad I did not have to cook dinner. We took him, his girlfriend and her four kids out to a local Chinese restaurant, where we had enough food to feed an army! I put some of his leftovers in his lunch today, while I will finish up my sesame chicken for my own lunch.
16th-Jan-2015 10:45 pm - Signal boost
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Did you know there is such a thing as International Fanworks Day?

I think that is so cool!
12th-Jan-2015 12:11 pm - Signal boost
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My friend dawn_felagund, whom some of you know as the founder of the Silmarillion Writer's Guild, and as the website developer and co-mod for Many Paths to Tread, gave a talk this past weekend at Mythmoot.

You can watch a clip of her giving a talk here at her LJ! It's really fascinating. If you took part in her survey not long ago, you can see the use she made of your answers!
bag end 2 by <lj user="danae_b">
The fandom stockings were revealed yesterday, but this is the first chance I've
My fandom stocking is here! and I got some lovely art and greetings!

hhimring wrote me a darling set of drabbles about child Turin:

And the_winterwitch did podfics of three of my fics!

Also our chairs (ordered in Sept.) were finally delivered today! We now have seating for four in the living room again.
3rd-Jan-2015 06:18 pm - Happy one-hundred and twenty-third!
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To the Professor!
1st-Jan-2015 10:51 am - Second viewing of TH:TBO5A
bag end 2 by <lj user="danae_b">
My impressions of BO5A were even better this time around. Not too much spoilerish-ness, but a little, so I will cut. Read more...Collapse )
27th-Dec-2014 09:42 pm - TH:TBO5A
bag end 2 by <lj user="danae_b">
Finally a chance to put down a few of my thoughts about the movie. I really hope to get a chance to see it again soon!

SPOILERS behind the cut: Read more...Collapse )
25th-Dec-2014 09:37 pm - Christmas
bag end 2 by <lj user="danae_b">
Well, I'm still not feeling completely up to snuff, but felt better enough to have a decent Christmas.

I did not make a big Christmas dinner. The ham we bought a month ago is still tucked away in the big freezer on the porch. But we did have steak and waffles (not homemade this year, since our waffle iron broke a few months back and we never got to replace it. While not as good as homemade, they weren't bad, especially accompanied by some nice NY strip steaks).

Things were smaller on the present front. I got the DH a new flannel shirt, a new Dremel moto-tool, and a Hot Logic Mini plus a converter so he can plug it in to his car.

I got four items from my wish list: The complete and unabridged audio books of The Silmarillion, the soundtrack for The Hobbit:TBO5A, and two books--Splintered Light by Verlyn Flieger and Walking With Frodo by Sara Arthur. (He also ordered me two other books, but they won't be in for another month, due to being out of stock.)

Best of all, we FINALLY got to go see The Hobbit:TBO5A! I have to say I was very pleased with the end result! I'm not going to go into any spoilery review type thing tonight, but just say that it was a worthy ending to something I had a few reservations about going in! And now I can finally read all those posts I've been avoiding for a week!

But probably not until tomorrow. I am still feeling under the weather, and so will be turning in now.

Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas if you celebrate, and a fun day if you didn't!
19th-Dec-2014 10:29 pm - Customer service
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I typed this up a few days before I got sick, and just realized I never got around to posting it. I suppose you could call it a combination of rant and advice. Now I've got cabin fever, since I haven't set toe out of the house except to go to the doctor's office since Saturday. Behind a cut, for length...Read more...Collapse )
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